Research suggests that the chances are __________ that Billy will also suffer from bipolar disorder at some point in his life. b. The tragic decision to launch the space shuttle Challenger resulted in part from the minimal expression of dissenting views among NASA personnel and advisors. Males' superiority on most spatial tasks has been attributed to the adaptive demands of hunting. a. Identical twins separated at birth and raised in completely different cultures would be most likely to have similar: We are likely to ________ the personality similarities among children in the same family and we are likely to ________ the personality similarities between parents and their children, At the age of 3 months, Kevin is removed from the home of his abusive biological parents and placed with adoptive parents who provide a happy, stable environment. When scientists compared the brains of rats raised in an enriched environment with the brains of rats raised in an impoverished environment, the rats raised in an enriched environment had: )mental retardation \hline A & 0.09 & 0.22 & 0.15 & 0.20 \\ In a group discussion, women are ________ likely than men to express support for others' opinions. d.)our attitudes and actions clash. )"Objectivity does not guarantee validity." Recent brain research contradicts previously held beliefs, indicating that new neurons are actually formed in the brain. )generalized anxiety disorder. )self-blaming and overgeneralized explanations. )Asperger syndrome a. b. The two sisters are most strikingly different in, Exceptionally timid and cautious infants tend to become shy and unassertive adolescents. )stress The next week, your wife can't believe you agreed to put the 3-foot sign on the front lawn. )panic attacks. d.)your personality traits. )double helix. c.)73 The only type of treatment that can bring her out of depression quickly and potentially save her life is: PET scan. Evolutionary psychologists are most likely to emphasize that human adaptiveness to a variety of different environments has contributed to human. Abraham Maslow suggested that individuals who are open, spontaneous, and not paralyzed by the opinions of others display: e. As group leaders, women are ________ likely than men to promote a democratic leadership style. b. c.)hope, a new perspective, and a caring relationship. synapses. )informational social influence. )gives rise to two personality types, the introvert and the extravert. c. a. )cognitive therapy. )is the source of sexual and aggressive instinctual drives. But most days, he sits in a chair with no expression on his face. d.)borderline. On the bus home, he was crying uncontrollably and suddenly became angered when a fellow passenger offered him a tissue. twenties. d.)posttraumatic stress disorder, In one study (Seal et al., 2007) of 103,788 veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, _____ percent were diagnosed with a psychological disorder, in which the most frequent diagnosis was posttraumatic stress disorder. )fundamental attribution error. )patient unconsciously responding to the therapist as though the therapist were a significant person in the patient's life. ", Personality inventories are to _______________ as projective tests are to _______________. )attitude A person attacked by a fierce dog develops a fear of all dogs. d.)Jeremy effectively cope with antisocial personality disorder. This compulsive overthinking is called: )oral )generalized anxiety disorder According to Allport, personality should be described in terms of: b. c) memes. Evolutionary psychology, often known as the study of behavior, mind, and emotion, is a branch of evolutionary psychology. b. Her judgment best illustrates: identical or fraternal. )evolutionary psychologists. At about age 11 in girls and age 13 in boys, a surge of sex hormones triggers the onset of: )83 The underlying assumption is that a demanding situation results in psychological distress and strain when decision latitude and control over characteristics of the situation are insufficient (e.g., Karasek et al. a. d.)an impaired theory of mind. Pain is a ubiquitous phenomenon. c. Lenore most likely suffers from a(n): The threadlike structures that contain genes are called c.)situational attribution d.)53, c.)She can make sure the participants know that she has a Ph.D. from a prestigious university. )nicotine can temporarily increase serotonin, a neurotransmitter overabundant in people with depression. )Tonya, who has the positive symptoms of schizophrenia The company buys debt securities, intending to profit from short-term differences in price and maintaining them in an active trading portfolio. e. c.)self-actualization. c.)mild depression. c.)panic disorder. The early school of psychology known as functionalism was developed by: William James Which psychologist was the first woman to receive a Ph.D. in psychology after Harvard University declined to give Mary Calkins the Ph.D.? )partial c.)objective scoring; subjective scoring Although EP has yielded many theoretical advances and empirical discoveries, it has provoked resistance from some scholars in the social sciences ( Confer et al., 2010; Laland and Brown, 2011 ). Test Prep. lateralization. not realizing that the person may be rushing to get to the hospital. )a lack of guilt feelings. d.)genetic predispositions have little effect on our social relationships. Marilyn thinks a strict class-attendance policy is an indication of her professor's overly controlling personality rather than a necessity dictated by the limited number of class sessions (the course meets only once a week). Child age . )unconditional love and acceptance )other's pursuit of their self-interest can harm our well-being. Evolutionary psychology is most likely to emphasize that human adaptiveness to a variety of different environments has contributed to - 28529382 Tudily805 Tudily805 09/07/2022 d.)the therapeutic alliance. b. a.)self-concept. )binge eating and purging by self-induced vomiting )an external locus of control. a. d.)obsessive-compulsive disorder. Question 1. )All of these things cause you to start smiling. b. d.)phobias. AACB10.090.03B20.220.10B30.150.09B40.200.12. d.)persistent depressive disorder. The stability of personality during adulthood is best evaluated by: The political opinions of adopted children are closer to those of their adopted parents than those of their biological parents. c.)dissociative disorder. Instead of going to work with a frown on your face, you will force yourself to smile when you walk in. b. )mere exposure effect b. )A young woman marries a successful middle-aged man. b.)agoraphobia. d.)stress inoculation training. )loss of appetite, especially for high-calorie foods Memory can be defined as the internal storage or faculty that stores the information and facilitates in retrieval whenever required. b. Sets of expected behaviors for males and for females are called: Six-year-old Jennifer believes that men become doctors and women become nurses. Updated January 19, 2023 by BetterHelp Editorial Team. b. b. d.)extraversion. Evolutionary psychologists presume all human behaviours reflect the influence of physical and psychological predispositions that helped human ancestors survive and reproduce. b. Which of the following is a key characteristic of her eating disorder? )long-term potentiation. )Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI), _____ test is a projective personality test in which people tell what they see in a series of symmetrical inkblots. c.)obsessive compulsive disorder. )professional training and experience of the therapist. d.)the mere exposure effect. d) behavior geneticist. a.)altruism. Yet, it is based on ideas that go back at least to the 1800s. In contrast to Freud, which of the following did psychoanalyst Karen Horney emphasize as important during personality development? a. Why is Naima's hand washing considered part of a psychological disorder, while Rana's is not? Virtual reality exposure therapy is most likely to prove effective in the treatment of: d.)social facilitation. sperm or eggs. 1 in combination with 2 directs our attention as researchers not to parts of the brain but to the programs run by the brain. e. )the self-reference phenomenon. The role of Edgar's reactions in the gender-typing of his children would be of most direct concern to: According to gender schema theory, children become gender-typed because they, b. perceive much of reality in terms of masculinity and femininity. B) describe how experimental hypotheses were derived from basic psychological principles. c.)hallucinations. Cancer survivors who develop a fresh delight in their children and who begin to savor the joy of each new day best illustrate: Tenet 1 emphasizes the cognitivism that evolutionary psychologists are committed to. )thematic apperception )Psychosurgery AmericanInstrumentsbondsM&DCorporationbonds(Hint:Interestmustbeaccrued.)$850,000$1,460,000. c.)evolutionary psychologist. thoughts, feelings, and perceptions. What do psychologists who study evolution search for? a. a. a.)transference. a. a. The study of the relative power and limits of genetic and environmental influences on behavior and personality traits is known as A. molecular genetics. b. extraversion; table manners )panic disorder. d.)schemas. b.)acceptance. a. In a study examining the genetic influences on antisocial personality disorder, Adrian Raine compared the PET scans of murderers' brains to the brains of non-murderers of the same age and sex. b. c.)social control. a. This study investigated singles' similarity preferences concerning their ideal partner's personality traits, physical attractiveness, and social resources, as well as potential moderators (fear of being single and mate value) and mediators (forecasted satisfaction). a. )aversive conditioning. c.)inappropriate emotions. Diane suffers from a(n): a. )cognitive dissonance. d.)attribution theory, b. Indicate any amounts that Ornamental Insulation would report in its 2021 income statement, 2021 statement of comprehensive income, and 12/31/2021 balance sheet as a result of these investments. )token economy. c.)being 15 to 20 percent below her ideal body weight c.)foot-in-the-door phenomenon. a.)2:3. Prepare the appropriate journal entry for each transaction or event during 2021, as well as any adjusting entries necessary at year end. )None of these would be an explanation for why your friend yelled at you. b. )the double-blind technique. )repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS). )2 weeks a. c.)Employed men spend about an hour and a half more per day working than do employed women. )The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) b. Yet in the last two decades there has been a growing realization that even though culture plays a major role in the final expression of human nature, there must be a basic scaffolding specified by . Which region of the brain will a fMRI show as active when a person is looking at a photo? 2 (2002): 146-60 and "The Problem of Romantic Love: Shakespeare and Evolutionary Psychology" in . Pages 58 Course Hero uses AI to attempt to automatically extract content from documents to surface to you and others so you can study better, e.g., in search results, to enrich docs, and more. a. b. b. c.)stress disorder Evolutionary psychologists would most likely attribute Jack's motivation to, Evolutionary psychologists are most likely to be criticized for, Evolutionary psychology would probably have the most difficulty accounting for, c. differences in the sexual behavior patterns of Americans and Russians, Twin studies are of most direct concern to. It is very likely that Odessa is suffering from: Question 2. c.)puberty. c.)the therapeutic alliance. This technique is known as the: No investments were held by Ornamental on December 31, 2020. a. d.)moral integrity. Marla's sense of social isolation and embarrassment result from the interaction of What portion of the agencys assets are composed of cash (i.e., Fund Balance with Treasury)? a. )have hindered human reproduction. c.)resilience. a. d.)not attainable. Answer by Guest. As Kevin matures, he will probably develop a, d. higher level of intelligence than that of his biological father. Your sister-in-law always has a smile on her face and a joke to tell. influences that affect our mating decisions. )Thorazine First is evolutionary theory, which claims that behavioral tendencies, physical characteristics, and personality features that promote our chances to survive and reproduce become, by that virtue,. Evolutionary psychologists emphasize that environmentally adaptive behaviors are those that have promoted a. reproductive success. Consciousness is )the placebo effect. )5 in 10 What was the increase or decrease in the agencys net position for the period examined? b. Evolutionary psychology Charles Darwin was the first scientist to point out that our common responses to certain emotionally charged situations, like our hair standing on end when we are frightened, are responses that probably evolved hundreds of millions of years ago in our early animal ancestors. Evolutionary psychology is most likely to emphasize that human adaptiveness to a variety of different environments has contributed to 4) reproductive success. a.)complexes. 1. a. d.)schizophrenia. b. d.)cell nucleus. The value of eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) is in part due to the effectiveness of )panic disorder. a) evolutionary psychologist. Racial differences in a highly heritable trait are not necessarily caused by: Our selective exposure to those life experiences that are best suited to our unique temperaments best illustrates the interaction of, Because Marla is the first girl in her fourth-grade class to sexually mature, she is sometimes teased and rejected by her classmates. Caring for one's appearance does not depend on gender, and older people worry as much about . Self-actualization is the ultimate psychological need. If you have an intense fear of speaking in public, eating out, or going to parties, you may be suffering from: b. b. b. DNA; genes d.)molecular genetics. )25 d.)bipolar disorder. )schizotypal personality disorder. a. )The behavior is dysfunctional for Naima. b. Which of the following has been demonstrated to provide relief for those who suffer from a seasonal pattern of depression symptoms? D) overestimating cultural differences in human sexual behaviors. )narcissistic To match revenues and expenses properly, should the expense for employee vacation pay be recorded in the period during which the vacation privilege was earned or during the period in which the vacation is taken? c. cultural diversity. b. b. c.)hope, a new perspective, and a caring relationship. d.)persistent depressive disorder. d.)electrocardiogram (EKG). b. Taro and Kiichi are fraternal twins being raised by the same parents; Helene and Victoire are identical twins being raised by the same parents. The ___________ model assumes that mental disorders have physical causes that can be diagnosed and treated. the ability to solve problems, reason, and remember. a. C) people are the most romantically attracted to those who are the most genetically dissimilar to themselves. Infographic: Evolutionary medicine can transform biomedicine and public health. The personal strength that enables people to cope with stress and recover from adversity is called: His absence of appropriate behavior is known as: c.)cooperation and social success at school. c.)epigenetics. Received semiannual interest payment on the Distribution Transformers bonds. Symptoms that can be incorrectly perceived as a heart attack are most characteristic of: d.)diminishing, Cynthia thinks that her new neighbor is mean and snobbish. Social structural theory maintains that sex differences result from changes in society and social roles occupied by men and women. c.)normative social influence. The heritability of a specific trait will be lowest among genetically ________ individuals who have been raised in ________ environments. c.)is analogous to Freud's concept of the preconscious. a. forties. He has let a number of bills go unpaid and is sleeping 12-14 hours a day. She knows a little about different therapies and has decided she doesn't want to get involved in anything long term. religious beliefs; personality traits d) genetic predispositions. )"It works better on males than on females." a. d.)negative symptoms. )a situational attribution. a greater proportion of women than men are left-handed. c.)cognitive dissonance phenomenon. Bipolar disorder affects women and men in a ratio of: a. Acquired$900,000 of American Instruments 10% bonds at face value. C 5. c.)reinforcement. Evolutionary psychologists would be most likely to predict that A) more people are biologically predisposed to fear guns than to fear snakes. )30 percent. While Thomas disagrees with his boss, he laughs at the joke anyway to gain her approval. b.)depression. b. )positive symptoms. )Employed women have an hour more time to devote to taking care of the children. d. )we have overestimated the impact of personal dispositions on behavior. a. )antisocial personality disorder. )both a common language for labeling psychological disorders and comprehensive guidelines for diagnosing them. e. b. )systematic desensitization \text{M\&D Corporation bonds}& \$1,460,000\\ c.)There is no known link between smoking and depression. d.)autism, b. It only arises after basic psychological and physiological needs are met and self-esteem is achieved. a. )sexual conflicts during the adolescent years . )representing the consensus of a wide range of mental health professionals from many different organizations and perspectives. b. a. c.)empirically derived DSM-5 provides mental health professionals with: d.)eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). c.)the need to belong. teens. a. This best illustrates that anxiety disorders may result from: b. d.)hindsight bias. )biopsychosocial The social-cognitive perspective has linked the experience of depression with: our awareness of ourselves and our environment. c.)selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). )more; less B) sexual anatomy. )personality traits. The students at the University charged the field after the game in response to their team's loss. Once people have agreed to a small request, they have a tendency to comply with a larger request. d. The prenatal development of the external male sex organs is stimulated by: Prenatal testosterone secretions exert one of their earliest influences on: A genetically female child who receives excess testosterone during prenatal growth is subsequently likely to develop, d. more aggressive behavior patterns than most girls. in different species, which may be influenced by evolution. c.)hoarding disorder )major depressive disorder. b. Which of the following pairings can be most easily explained by evolutionary psychology? medulla To determine if the drug is effective, he should: Oct. 2. c.)lithium d. The third approach arises out of the job stress literature. b. but when his son has a fistfight he says, "Did you win?!" brain lesion. )electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). A _____ is a syndrome marked by a clinically significant disturbance in an individual's cognition, emotion regulation, or behavior. b. The concept of personality most clearly embodies the notion of: b. Mar. c.)harmony. )do not increase; do not increase b. Several studies have mate value in evolutionary approaches suggest that sex partners. a. c.)moral instinct Historically there have been a variety of models used to explain psychological disorders. b. chromosomes or genomes. Evolutionary psychologists would be most likely to attribute gender differences and attitudes towards sex to the fact that men have _____ than do women. d.)generalized anxiety disorder. Q. d.)3:1. a. a. b. b. What is this process called? b) the X chromosome. )obsessive-compulsive disorder d.)mood linkage. a. d.)passionate love. Evolutionary Psychology: #N# <h2>What Is Evolutionary Psychology?</h2>#N# <div class="field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hidden">#N# <div . The most controversial dissociative disorder involves extensive memory disruptions along with the presence of two or more distinct identities. )nicotine can temporarily increase norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter scarce in people with depression. d.)Freud; Elvis, b. b. )All of these things cause you to start smiling. d.)genital, d.)is the part of the unconscious mind that reflects human evolutionary history and is common to all people. 30 seconds. the way that genes solely create our personalities. )cognitive dissonance theory Raine reported reduced activity in the murderers' _____________ , which is a brain area that helps with impulse control. Research suggests that an especially effective treatment for her difficulty would involve: b. d.)Beck's cognitive therapy. c.)reaction formation. c.)Maslow's hierarchy of needs. . d.)underestimating the potential influence of biological factors on personality development. )external attributions for failure. )exposure therapy. In which of the following countries do people generally prefer to maintain the largest personal space? However, she does want to gain insight into the roots of her difficulties. Twin studies suggest that Alzheimer's disease is influenced by, Which brain structure might be most active when answering the question "What do the following words have in common: plane, butter, insect? b. Evolutionary psychologists are most likely to emphasize that human adaptiveness to a variety of different environments has contributed to human, Two plants are grown under the same environmental conditions, including the same soil conditions and the same amount of light and water, but one grows to 2 feet tall and the other is 1 foot tall. This is most likely due to: What scientist contributed to evolutionary theory? b. d.)client's expectation that psychotherapy will make things better. It is very likely that Tate would be diagnosed as having: b. "Evolutionary psychology and its causal mechanisms," he said, "are more fundamental than other branches of psychology and their causal explanations, which mostly deal with whole human beings." To reject evolutionary psychology is to reject broader reality; an outright rejection of biological and evolved realities is occurring. )overestimating the consistency of behavior from one situation to another. Which theory best explains why Abe adopted this new attitude? c.)less; more c. a. Nellie is a 30-year-old who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. )Biomedical therapy )cultural practices. )there is a genetic predisposition to schizophrenia. a. d.)bipolar disorder. Letting another person know that we sense and understand the feelings he or she is expressing to us best demonstrates: c.)psychoanalysis b. )The behavior is deviant for someone whose work does not demand it. At her health club, Bonnie pedals an exercise bike much faster when other patrons are using nearby equipment. b. Define the random variables XXX and PP^{\prime}P in words. d. b. a. )persistent depressive disorder. Since the beginnings of philosophical thought, the question of the nature and origin of pain has developed. It has been suggested that men in all cultures tend to marry women younger than themselves because they are naturally attracted to female features associated with youthful fertility. People who are troubled by repetitive thoughts or actions are suffering from: Compared with women, men are more likely to: c. perceive simple friendliness as a sexual come-on. Evolutionary psychologists are most likely to emphasize that human adaptiveness to a variety of different environments has contributed to human reproductive success Migdalia insists on wearing very feminine-looking outfits because she wants to be treated like a woman.

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